malin kundang beach

this afternoon we went to “pantai air manis” or we usually say it “pantai malin kundang”, the place where legend of Malin Kundang belong.

here is some of our pictures

pantai malin kundang

and this one

pantai malin kundang

the stones are look like so real, above picture when we at Malin Kundang ship, look at that “rope”, that’s truly stone. look at that barrel, that’s made from stone to.

you should visit this beach 😀

search for more information at


5 thoughts on “malin kundang beach

    • Aww.saya bangga dgn daerah sndri..krn tiap akhir pekan banyak dkunjungi org. Saya minta dhbungi ma pak yadi,ke:081213514065*085692653291.MAKASIH..

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