Rapidshare Link Checker

Kemarin siang utak-atik Rapidshare API, buat link checker.

Description:	Gets status details about a list of given files. (files parameter limited to 10000 bytes. filenames parameter limited to 100000 bytes.)
Parameters:	files=comma separated list of file ids
		filenames=comma separated list of the respective filename. Example: files=50444381,50444382 filenames=test1.rar,test2.rar
		incmd5=if set to 1, field 7 is the hex-md5 of the file. This will double your points! If not given, all md5 values will be 0
Reply fields:	1:File ID
		3:Size (in bytes. If size is 0, this file does not exist.)
		4:Server ID
		5:Status integer, which can have the following values:
			0=File not found
			1=File OK (Downloading possible without any logging)
			2=File OK (TrafficShare direct download without any logging)
			3=Server down
			4=File marked as illegal
			5=Anonymous file locked, because it has more than 10 downloads already
			6=File OK (TrafficShare direct download with enabled logging. Read our privacy policy to see what is logged.)
		6:Short host (Use the short host to get the best download mirror: http://rs$serverid$shorthost.rapidshare.com/files/$fileid/$filename)
		7:md5 (See parameter incmd5 in parameter description above.)
Reply format:	integer,string,integer,integer,integer,string,string

contoh pake subroutine-nya untuk pen-check-an 1 link seperti ini


contoh pake subroutine-nya untuk pen-check-an banyak link seperti ini


contohnya seperti ini

Rapidshare Check Links

Rapidshare Check Links


untuk setiap file yang berbeda, akan direply per baris sebanyak file yang dicari.

kalo gak mau repot nulis url-nya bisa pake tools di http://klasika.netii.net/rapidshare/


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